Monday, March 21, 2016

Philippines Presidential Debate 2016 [second]

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I have not gone political, but this is everywhere so:

This is the second debate and it's getting chunkier by the second, with one issue on top of the other. I have no bias with any of the candidates. By watching the debates I have observed the following:

1. Binay
Has no input on the projects or any issues regarding different agriculture and infrastructures. Has no remarkable addition to ideas nor have new plans separate from what he "claims" to have done in Makati. Over defensive on issues pertaining to him and his family. Always just aiming to ruin other candidates or protect what he says are "non-factual" allegations. Not a good debate strategy.
2. Duterte
You'd think that he's just full of smart remarks, but while listening to Roxas and Po discuss about information and details regarding what should/will be worked on, he's actually got some input. I think more research to throw some more valuable information out there would really give him quite a grasp with the people.
3. Po
Has obviously done some research and is able to relay politics and reality to the people. Po is a candidate that reels in votes by being relatable and having the ability to communicate what should be seen. Gaining a lot of momentum by the second.
4. Roxas
Quite frankly, his experience is not questionable. Out of all the candidates, he shows more knowledge and is able to identify and research well on what he wants people to see he could do. The question that lies here is that when you focus on your positives and what you can do, what would people like to see as the game plan for the biggest challenges he could face should he be elected president?
5. Santiago
She's not in this one, so. [Pity, I would love to hear her debate with Binay and Roxas.]

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The World Needs Elegance
What the world needs is to take a step back and look at everything as it is at present. People are judging from the past that can no longer be changed and believing in their thoughts of the future that doesn't even amount to substance yet. There's so much to do and so much to see right now but no one bothers to look at it. I listen to minds that sound like there's a thunder storm inside, chaotic; every single one failing to appreciate the elegance in taking a step back, watching, and listening. 

It would be better, so much better if we could see beyond the shields of politics, the prejudice, and the cowardice of those hiding the thorns, only showing the heads of the flowers. What the world needs is the blood from these thorns and the pain of the wounds; to listen to what needs to be done to heal it, to do what's learned to cure it, and to see the magnificence of a wound healed without a scar left to mark it.