Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Tatt

PictureSo I've been debating on getting another tattoo. I really want one that says "Freedom." I was thinking of having it written in an alphabet not quite like the ones used today. I typed it in different fonts, but then I lost the feel of it, since well, I like the sentimental reason of me getting this new ink, and symbol fonts are just not the same. I went to search for old alphabets and just couldn't find the perfect mood, since I've no idea of the history of those writings. I remembered when I was young, we were taught the ancient alphabet of the Philippines. It's called Alibata. I searched for that and figured, "Of course, I have to translate it to my native language."

Freedom = Kalayaan

This is what Alibata looks like:


So the problem is, “n” can’t be written individually. It will turn into ka-la-ya-a-na, which doesn’t exactly make sense. I need to research for the translation of the modern ‘Tagalog’ (Philippine language) to the really old language. Off to search! If I’m gonna put something permanent on my body again, might as well be sure it’s correct eh? If anyone knows a way to make this –correct-, help will be appreciated! ;D

I found a way to write kalayaan (freedom) properly as Alibata. There's also a version of Alibata with some Spanish modifications. I don't mind the combination because there's so little difference, and the writing is actually correct. There's just one little tweak from the original:

"Kalayaan" / "Freedom"

It's a little off base to choose this instead of the original since the Spaniards conquered the Philippines for more than 300 years in the past - denying the meaning of freedom. But with one little cross that makes the writing exact to what I wanted, I think I'll accept this; it is still Alibata after all. :)

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