Saturday, December 20, 2014

DIY Party Favors and Decor for Christmas

It would be really nice if guests from Christmas parties brought home party favors. I think it can be appreciated more if it was fun, handmade, and creative. Here's one cute and sweet party favor for your guests.

1. Prepare candies and stick them together to create a sleigh. On this one, I used lollipops for the front. Although it would be nice to use candy canes if you prefer.

2. Print out little Santa Claus and help them stand up. Here's a layout:

Here he is sitting up.

3. Stick the little Santas on the sleighs. Place a yarn around Santa to appear as his rope when driving the magic sleigh. Since his reindeers aren't around, stick the yarn  underneath the candy sleigh.

4. As a bonus, or if you have extra little Santas, make a giant red bag and fill it up with sweets. Stick Santa on top to appear as if he's sitting on his giant red bag, filled with gifts.

Happy Christmas!

 photo grin.gif

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